Jo Flinn and her helpers offer Old Fashioned Fun for kids in an Old Rectory house and small farm just south of Croom in Co Limerick.  The essence of Free Range Kids is doing “stuff”, inside and outside, wet or dry, muddy, messy or clean!  Have a look at some of these pictures to get a flavour of what goes on!

Free Range Kids brings the natural environment to kids up to age 14 approximately:  collecting eggs from hens and ducks,watching a cow being milked, feeding young animals and using natural materials, fruit, vegetables, flour and milk to make soup, smoothies, cheese, yoghurt or bread.  A bit messy but great fun.

Orienteering in the woods, scavenger hunts for natural things, water balloons, sand and water play, tie-dying, climbing and swinging on a wide range of equipment in the large walled garden or adjacent woods.  It’s all a bit like visiting Grandad and Granny’s place, creating long held memories of freedom, fun and exploring.